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December 8th

After having to give up pyrotechnics, I needed a new hobby. Halloween props allow for mechanical, electronic, and artistic expression, plus they're fun. This page will show different projects and eventually haunts from various years.

I got a lot of really good information from Dave Korr at If you're new to haunting, there's a lot of detailed explanation on electronics, animatronics and pneumatics.

October 19, 2005

My Corpse, Marvin

My first Halloween project was building a corpse. I got the plans from It was pretty simple and not too expensive. It turned out great and I ended up giving him to my friend, Chuck, who named him Marvin. I didn't take any pictures during the process, but I plan to do another one soon which I will document fully. Here are two pictures of the finished Marvin:

Close-up of Marvin
Here's a close-up of the face where all the work really went.

Marvin the corpse
Here's a look at the whole corpse. I dressed him in a suit rather than make an entire body in decay, but it was still a nice effect.

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