Today is
December 8th

This page chronicles the building of our new house. You can read the summary of each day and click the dates for photos.

Click here for the floor plan.

04-20-2009: Pictures of the empty lot.

05-18-2009: Ground breaking!

05-19-2009: Pouring the foundation.

05-21-2009: The foundation is finished.

05-22-2009: Final grading.

05-27-2009: All the concrete is done.

05-29-2009: Subfloor is installed

06-01-2009: Framing begins.

06-04-2009: The second floor framing goes up.

06-05-2009: The roof trusses are up.

06-06-2009: They even worked on a Saturday.

06-11-2009: Plumbing and ventilation.

06-13-2009: Wiring.

06-16-2009: The roof shingles go on.

06-17-2009: Insulation.

06-19-2009: First day of drywall.

06-21-2009: After working all day Saturday, all the drywall is up.

06-23-2009: Mudding the drywall begins. (I won't bore anyone with every room)

06-24-2009: Siding is done.

07-02-2009: Shutters go on, interior texturing is done.

07-05-2009: Interior trim and doors.

07-07-2009: Interior painting is finished.

07-08-2009: Electrical outlets and fixtures.

07-10-2009: Linoleum and cabinets are installed.

07-13-2009: Counter tops and tile.

07-14-2009: Sinks go in, grouting is done.

07-16-2009: The fence is up and the yard ready for sod.

07-17-2009: The carpet is installed. (It's a light tan although some of the pictures make it look a little pink)

07-21-2009: The sod and sprinklers are finished.

07-22-2009: Final pictures of the house before move-in.

10-11-2009: I finally got around to taking pictures after I'm all moved in.