Today is
June 25th

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All my original compostions were recorded with a Roland SC-88 using a Roland A-50 controller keyboard. They were arranged on a Roland MC-50 sequencer.

"Chopin Nocturne in E flat major"
This is just the end of the piece recorded spur of the moment on my iPhone.

"Daydreaming" ©1992
This was the first real song I ever wrote, back in 1992.

Couldn't Live Without You
"Couldn't Live Without You" ©1993
Although I originally wrote this for piano and sax, due to recording limitations I used the keyboard for all the saxophone parts in the final recording.

Ballad of Chuck Hill
"Ballad of Chuck Hill" ©2000
This is a piece I threw together in a matter of minutes for my friend, Chuck Hill.

Pacific Breeze
"Pacific Breeze" ©2002
I wrote this piece while living on the Oregon Coast. It was my first foray into a more orchestral style.

Saturday Morning
"Saturday Morning" ©2003
This piece got its title from the overall feel in addition the fact that I wrote it on a Saturday morning.

Once in a Lifetime
"Once in a Lifetime" ©2003
This is the last piece I've finished in awhile. I've been spending more time working on my piano playing skills.